Time To Tune Into New You This International Women’s Day

A very happy International Women’s Day to all pretty ladies reading out my post today. Many of you might have already received your bouquets and surprises, though I am little late to come up with this post. Many of you I might not be known to but somehow, I can connect with you being a woman and a mother of 2 years old. I can understand the pain of being full time working, full time homemaker or being a full time mother. It means no time for oneself any single moment. But breaking the myths here I would tell you ladies – now or never!

Wake up for yourself, be a little selfish, you need to do what makes you more energetic and healthier.

Break the rule of cleaning plates

By cleaning plates, I didn’t mean to washing up utensils, I just wanna tell you ladies stop loading your stomach with leftovers or the obsession of preventing waste just to make yourself feel satisfied to see all the food is finished. The thrown waste is lot better than extra intake stocking up in your body and making you fat.

Weight lifting is not for Women

Old were the days when we lift weights as part of our lifestyle whether it was bringing groceries home, walking to far places loading luggage, grinding flour with stone mortar and other day to day activities keeps us occupied with weight lifting activities. Today we have got lot of techniques and advancements due to which not only weight lifting we don’t even bothered about walking a few Kilometres.

Certainly, our body is a machine needs greasing and weight lifting strengthens our bones and muscles. To so do you don’t even have to run to Gyms, just fill up two 1 ltr. bisleri water bottles and do strengths up, down, back and forward. Or can have ideas from YouTube Fitness Channels. One for your reference is below:

Learn to say no

Stop being kind to hosts, friends or family members. You diet is your responsibility. Be super strict to it and stop taking extra or unnecessary food inside your stomach. We generally get into social pressure and lose our control over our inability to say no and end up with eating extra, extra and extra.

Sometimes or many times we are surrounded with the people who insists us to eat unhealthy foods. The rule of thumb for such times is don’t step out hungry from house. No craving no binge eating and no encouragement by others work against it.

Thin women do need to work out too

This is a big misconception we all have in our minds. The workout is not for weight loss we often consider exercises as a requirement to shed extra weight but the fact is workout is necessary for all type of bodies fat or thin to all age people to get basic strength and flexibility. The basic approach of workout is not weight loss but fitness is.

Let's dedicate this year to yourself - stay healthy, stay fit - Happy women's Day

Monthly cycles an excuse to not exercise

To get over with cramps and mood swing during those days, nothing helps better than exercising in those days. Don’t pass it lying on your bed do some good to yourself and take a regime of exercising during periods as well. Many women have benefited from exercising during their monthly cycles and breaking all myths about it. Fitness experts have always advised to listen to your body’s requirement carefully when it comes to protest against all bad we done to our body even the medicines won’t be able help.

Stay fit, stay strong!

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