Taj Mahal of Agra – One of The Seven Wonders of World

Me with my husband have recently been to Taj Mahal to celebrate our 5thwedding anniversary. The century old marble architecture is such a bliss to visit. I have always been wondering about Taj’s construction which is located in capital city of Mughal’s – Agra.

The white marble mausoleum is just not an ordinary architecture but a true example of workmanship of that era, as told by our guide the Architecture took 22 years to complete and the pieces of stones were imported from different regions in world and then crafted into this monument of immeasurable beauty, defining the epitome of love of the king to his queen. My words may be short to describe the gorgeousness of The Taj Mahal, one of the worlds well known wonders.

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is under renovation since 2004 and it’s still not fully completed. We have given an early morning visit to The Taj as the weather was too hot in day time and yes off course we wanted to avoid queues and crowd.

The sun was rising, the rays were changing the color of white marbled Taj and setting up a specular view of Taj. As told by our guide it has as many shades as any beauty in the world could ever have! The Taj Mahal of Agra displays a pinkish shade in the morning, milky white in the evening and golden with shining stones (of different color) when the moon shines. To behold the beauty of Taj one must visit it during a full moon night when the moon is high and each of its stone is sparkling bright.

Sparkling Taj Mahal Under Rising Sun

Sparkling Taj Mahal Under Rising Sun

If you wish to visit Taj on a full moon night you need to have your entry tickets booked a day prior to full moon night and yes, the tickets are available at other location than the Taj entry gate. You need to carry a photo ID proof for verification. Mind it there only certain number of tickets they have for this special night and tickets can’t be booked in advance one can by them just a day before full moon night.

It is actually like a dream when you are out of the sight and my dream is not over yet. If you have not given a visit to the gorgeous monument depicting love of Shahjahan to his Wife Mumtaj, you should plan it now!

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