Food We Think Healthy Are Actually Bad For Us!

We have always been found struggling between what to eat what to not for keeping our self in shape and healthy. There is lot of fuzz about eating low calorie and low fat diet. Actually it is about eating right rather eating low calorie diet or low fat diet.

Understanding the fact food and beverage companies are coming up with lots of healthy versions of their products. With least we know about their products we fall in love with them and allow them to ruin our healthy self. Step of caution we have to take is to understand what seems healthy is not doesn’t mean it is healthy. Understand intelligent tool for nutrition is to have complete knowledge of what you are eating. Check out my take on top 4 food products that are actually bad for you and ruining you in daily life. Make a note of it before you go next grocery shopping.

Locally available brown/wheat bread

Over the years, we have learnt the harmful effects of all-purpose flour (maida) to our body and we have also restricted it into our life. Hence, we have made an eager transit to Brown Breads. Little do we know that the locally sold brown bread by the giant brands are not actually brown, they are no more than a regular white bread coloured brown with chemicals.

Even the 100% whole wheat breads are loaded with chemicals which as a common man you cannot understand.


Swap it for: Fibre rich 100% whole wheat breads which are loaded with nutrients easily available in stores like FoodHall, Nature’s Basket. Other choice of breads like multigrain and sprouted are good options too. As long as you read that as first ingredient on the package’s ingredient list you are good.

Diet and Carbonated Beverages

So, the only truth about such beverages is that they are poison. Doing no good than loading body with lot more of sugar that you have ever imagined. One of the post shared on The Telegraph UK also tells about the harmful effects these fizzy drink does to one. They are full of sugar, chemicals and has no nutritional value.

In an interview with BCC, the President of Coca-Cola Europe speaks about sugar content in there products. Watch the following video.

Swap it for: Normal water, fruit juices (freshly squeezed), fruits or veggie smoothies and milk shakes – glass of full nutrition and good health.

Fat free Peanut Butter

One of the biggest benefit of peanuts if that they are rich in monounsaturated fats. When we talk about fat free peanut butter, if we take out that monounsaturated fat out of peanut butter then what we have left with is tons of sugar that’s it. Checkout for ingredients lists whenever you see any reduced fat product in the store. Typically, in such products the fat is replaced with loads of sugar or salt. Wise is one who makes every possible query before purchasing.

Swap it for: As I have mentioned earlier also, stick to the real thing and have in moderate quantity. Natural or organic peanut butter with no added sugar are easily available. You buy them online as well as in departmental stores such as Modern Bazaar and FoodHall.

Soy Products

Too much of anything is always terrible so with soy products. We know less and accept them extremely like today if we visit any grocery store we find more of soy products. If we talk about milk, snacks, tofu, curd, burgers to name few.

And if GMO (Genetically Modified Foods) is added to this mix and you are ready to be served with toxin.

Swap it for: Non-GMO soy and it has to be in moderate quantity. Too much is terrible, please understand.

Protein Shakes

Mother nature is so kind that you can never understand, there is not a single blade of grass which does not has nutritional value. Irony is that we are ready to spend fortune on overrated food products without knowing or understanding their actual benefits.

One should not rely on single recipe. Every natural food that grows on fields has protein, carbohydrates and fats in different proportions. Taking any of them exclusively is a recipe of disaster.

Swap it for: Fresh fruits, veggies, lentils and everything grown on fields.

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