An Offbeat Holiday Destination for A Nature Lover in You!

I have always been a nature admirer, while surfing internet today I stuck with a post on a website on underrated honeymoon destinations. I personally don’t think if the locations actually attract honeymoon couples. Although one of the location “Chakartha” made an impact on me and I further moved to do more research on it.

Chakarta is a military cantonment area which is a part of Dehradun district at an altitude of out 7000 ft. above the sea level. Travellers can reach Chakrata from Dehradun via Mussoorie or Vikasnagar. Both routes pass through beautiful mountainous road and picturesque views.

It’s perfectly right place to hang out with friends, family and yourself. While planning a trip to Chakarta the things to be known about place are:

  1. As it is a military cantonment area, Foreigners are required to obtain a permit from Commandant 22 Force c/o 56 APO for visiting the place.
  2. Being a hill station a few challenges even the localities too face one of them is that the place doesn’t have petrol pump. So, wise is to fill up your tank before leaving for the place.
  3. Avoid visiting in monsoon season as the roads can be slippery and the Uttarakhand region is always prone to landslides and road blocks in rains. We cannot forget the terrible accident of 2013, floods in Kedarnath Region.
  4. The place is not much commercialized, no hotels, just home-stays. So, advised to go with least expectations about luxuries.
  5. Pack woollens as the temperature could go down during night and early morning.


Chakrata is renowned for freezing temperatures during January to February, ideal for traveller who likes freezing temperature. Below are season wise details:

Summers (March to June) – Preferable for the tourist who loves sightseeing and outdoor activities temperature remains 10 °C (Min) and 30 °C (Max)

Monsoons (July to September) – Medium rainfall leads to cold winds, slippery roads and road blocks. Tourists ideally avoid the rainy days.

Winters (December to February) – Chilled. During these months, maximum temperature is always below 15 °C and minimum touches -5 °C. While January and February are freezing months.

Autumn (October and November) – These months the location becomes very scenic with a mild cool atmosphere.

The main attraction of destination is Tiger Fall. It is at an elevation of 312 ft., it is also considered to be the highest direct waterfall in India. Photography can be tricky here due to drizzling and pressure water flow. One has to trek down to Tiger Fall after parking your vehicles at Official Parking space or can also drive furthermore to 2 kms. Because of drizzling water one must carry a pair of clothes. You can’t dive into the water as it might be very cold, even the rocks may also be slippery because of continuous flow of water.

So, for me it a completely go go place, and planning is already started for fun unlimited road trip from Delhi.

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