Amma’s Special Idli Dosa Batter Review with No Oil Cooking Demo

South Indian food has always been in my favourite food items list and I love cooking South Indian delicacies at home. But with that come a big challenge of preparing batter which is a tedious job of 2 days from proper measures of daal and rice to soak and grind and fermentation. Recently I have got to see a numerous readymade idli dosa batters in superstores.

Being a health enthusiast I always look for options to cook food with less oil or more likely without oil completely. After trying a few I am writing my review on the very first idli dosa batter I have bought from FoodHall named Amma’s Special Idli Dosa Batter.

While buying any food item from supermarkets we are always concerned about their quality, quantity and hygiene. Amma’s pack of idli dosa pack come in an airtight sealed pack unlike ones come in transparent polybags available on local dairy shops. It comes in packaging of 1 litre with a price tag of Rs. 65/- which makes around 15 – 16 dosas. The idli dosa batter is preservatives free the ingredients list has “rice, urad daal, purified water, iodized salt and active culture”. The idli dosa batter last till 7 days since date of packaging.

These batters are very good for health-conscious people as they can be cooking without oil completely I have added a demo video in the end of the post. The only problem with the batter is the dosas doesn’t turns out crispy, not exactly soggy but the crisp crunch is missing and the taste is quite sour too as if it is fermented too much.  I like that sour taste though.

Check out the video below:

The dosa batter online is easily available online, you can buy it from, and many other online grocery delivering services.

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