Akshay Kumar Mantra to Stay Healthy and Fit

We all are very well known to Bollywood’s fittest star, unarguably the Akshay Kumar. Akshay is one of the few stars of industry for whom fitness is a way of life and we all very well acknowledge that too. In one of his recent short film for Bombay Municipal Corporation he has tried to share a few of his fitness mantras that he follows in his routine life.

Thought, the main mantra of fitness by the actor is to keep your body active throughout the day and that too without hitting the GYM. Let’s breakdown the short film into points:

The video starts with Akshay questioning about your biggest enemy who is after your life? He says that’s only you nobody else. The things we need to correct with our lifestyle are:

  1. More Veggies Than Anything Else in Your Plate: Whenever you are sitting for a meal, make sure your plate should have more of veggies than rice, daal or chappati. The veggies can be a cooked curry veggie, sautéed veggies or salad. There is a simple formula to it of 80:20 ratio. 80% veggies and 20% of other items.
  2. Walk as And When Get a Chance: If we cannot stay committed to daily walk regime, we should not miss an opportunity of walk or activity during day. Try to walk to nearby places such as veggies markets, try taking stairs where ever possible, if the story you have to reach is 5th try to climb by stairs till 2nd Slowly and gradually the stamina will improve and you will be encouraged to block some hours of time in your routine for other exercises, yoga or dance.
  3. Limit Sugar and Salt Intake: If you are diabetic then sugar is completely a NO for you. One should not consume sugar, if you cannot be strict to completely no sugar regime then try to make it half of that you are habitual of. Similarly try to have less of salt in food. We may have other post on Sugar intake in detail soon.
  4. Say Strict No to Deep Fried Food Items: Here comes oily fatty food that has been eaten by us for the sake of taste bud. We may not be known to the fact that such food items are low in energy and leaves your body with unsettled fat which leads to weight gain and diseases. If you cannot keep control on your taste bud just make a regime of eating such food items in a week or two and in a set limit.
  5. Annual Health Check-up: Make it a habit of having medical check-up done every year with a strict resolution plan. Stay healthy, stay fit keeping cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid to name a few at bay.

Below is the complete video of the short film featuring Akshay Kumar:


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